Jill Bogdanowicz

Born in Rochester, NY

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA


I’ve painted all my life. It started when I painted the piano keyboard instead of practicing my notes. My parents decided to encourage my passion for art. Even at this young age I was attracted to the life and energy in paint, and it allowed me as a shy child, who identified more with her horse than other children, to express myself. Not surprisingly, I spent my early years studying and portraying horses, and as you can see, horses remain one of my favorite subjects .


After college I began what blossomed into a successful and rewarding career as a colorist. I am now the Senior Digital Intermediate Colorist at Efilm / Company 3 in Los Angeles, CA. I stopped painting during this time, to focus on advancing my professional development.  However, while I work with very talented Directors and Cinematographers, and it’s an amazing experience to collaborate with such creative minds everyday, in abandoning my painting I began to lose myself.


It wasn’t until I faced the most difficult moments of my life that I realized I needed to paint to find myself again. In 2007, I lost a child when I was five months pregnant. This event triggered many things deep inside of me. I was overwhelmed with emotion. My body reacted in a way that I had never felt before. My joints became swollen, and sore and it became so painful it started to feel like my bones were coming out of their sockets. I was thirty years old, and I felt as though I was eighty. I saw several specialists, and they all said the same thing: I had Lupus. I didn’t want to believe it. There was no history in my family, as far as I knew and I had never experienced any symptoms before. But I was fortunate to find an exceptional doctor who explained to me in great depth, what stress can do to the body. One of the key aspects of controlling Lupus, is controlling stress. I decided to pick up my paintbrush again to manage the turmoil of thoughts and emotions running through my head. I put those emotions directly onto the canvas.


From that point on I began to paint, as I did when I was young, to explore, resolve and survive all that life had in store for me: the blessing of a beautiful, healthy, little girl; the trials of single parenting; and the stress of a high reward, high stress career. I am now happily married to my best friend, Jon. We have just expanded our family with the addition of our newest little girl.


These experiences shape how I see the world, and my hope as an artist is that how I paint them inspires others.


I paint in the moment, never looking back. After that painting is finished, I move to a new canvas, never retouching the last one. In life we don't go back to perfect the past, but we can take the realities and imperfections of these moments and transform them to reveal their meaning and beauty.











Every one of these paintings is a unique life

whole and complete.

We come into the world from darkness, as blind

to our own feelings and senses as we are to the world

around us, and the


we all seek is one that is full of


and accepting of the light that peace brings.


Art is the journey that creates beauty

out of chaos within

us and around us, of

our imperfections

bridging our failures and our successes.

When the journey


we are all whole and complete.








1996 - 1999 SUNY at Geneseo Fine Arts Degree


1997- Semester Abroad at Siena, Italy




2012 - Art Show at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA